England Coast Path (Cumbria) – St Bees to Sellafield

Brindley at the start of today’s England Coast Path walk, and at the start of the perhaps still more famous Coast to Coast Walk – though the ECP may gain greater awareness in time.
From near there, a look south along the front at St Bees
There was plenty of signing of the ECP on today’s walk, and no difficulties in route-finding.
The official route of the ECP goes inland behind a golf course – it’s not obvious why as there is a well-trodden path along the cliff top, without significant difficulties, which we followed.
We descended to cross this stream, after which we went under the railway line and spent the next few kilometres on the inland side of the railway.
There’s a potentially awkward little descent here, especially in poor weather, to take us to the lower level but still above the railway.
The sheep watched Brindley and me go by with interest but without concern.
Brindley spies Nethertown station, but our route lies inland a little – although the map showed a public footpath through fields, we took the nearby road into Nethertown itself.
After a bit more road-walking, we took a grassy route onto low cliffs, and then back down and under the railway, onto the stony beach and its “road” serving these properties.
We then continued along the beach itself
As we approached Sellafield, we ducked under the railway and, paralleling the railway, over the River Ehen
We approach Sellafield
Journey’s end for today – the view from the footbridge of Sellafield railway station, looking down the River Ehen to the sea
On the station platform waiting for our train back to St Bees, a train with a nuclear flask trundles past.

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