Cyprus, August/September 2022

Lucy and I had a lovely week and a half based at Kambos villa in Pissouri.

The first morning’s run was an exploration towards Cape Aspro from the villa, finding new bits of country not previously visited.
The second morning’s run was from the villa down a rough path to Pissouri Beach, then up again and onwards to Melanda Beach.
Bits of the coast neither of us had seen during Saturday’s (not)parkrun – a 5k route which had us crossing the international border six times.
A trip into the Troodos Mountains exploring the Persephone Trail and picking up a few geocaches along the way.
From the viewpoint at the far end of the Persephone Trail, looking out towards the Akrotiri peninsula.
Slightly less well known than the Caledonia Falls, the Millomeris Fall is very impressive – and a very popular spot on a Sunday afternoon.
Exploring the Pissouri cliffs to the south-west of the villa
The area has a number of abandoned buildings and was presumably more intensively farmed at one time, though some goats are still to be seen.
A visit to the House of Eustolios at Kourion
The amphitheatre at Kourion
We had a bit of exploration of the Kourion site to the west, taking in the basilica and this “Earthquake House”, so named because it was destroyed by an earthquake in the 4th century.
A return to the Pissouri cliffs for a geocaching hunt
I wonder how long this will be like this?
Part of this beach is visible from the villa, but we’d never been. Stephen went on a run/walk/scramble with the objective of creating a circuit. The route down from the east is quite challenging in that it is fairly steep very loose underfoot in many places – probably better done in the other direction. The ascent out to the west is mostly not too difficult though in places overgrown and would have been better with sturdy trousers – Stephen’s legs got quite badly scratched.
The view of the cliffs from the beach. The villa could be seen, just, from the beach.
Lucy’s zoomed-in view of the beach from the villa. It is just possible to see a tiny stick of yellow on the water’s-edge, that being Stephen.
Stephen taking a short paddle.
Mini golf in Paphos
Souvla at The Last Castle/Viklari
View from the Last Castle.
We went for an early morning swim at Kourion beach, and followed up with waffles for breakfast.
The roofs of Pissouri from the roof garden of the pizza place.
Stephen’s Saturday run started at the beach just before sunrise.
The first half was an interesting route around Cape Aspro – here provided with a fixed rope as the path is rather narrow on the cliff edge.
Lucy joined the second half of the run, from the villa back down to the beach
A well-earned cooling dip after the run.

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