Schooner sailing: Ipswich to London, September 2023

Joining schooner Trinovante in Ipswich, ready for the voyage to London
On the first morning my luck finally runs out and I have the fun of going into the chain locker to help arrange the anchor chain as it is winched in. Apparently it’s supposed to be possible to do this without getting muddy….
Sails up on a beautiful day!
A lot of the particular fun on this trip is visiting places the Swallows visit in the Arthur Ransome book ‘We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea’. Here is the North Shelf Buoy where they anchored
The river is full of small sailing boats
And there are still some of the wonderful Thames barges around!
Lucy enjoying herself at the tiller as always
Today we have the light wind rig hoisted, just the jib, fishaker and one fishermans topsail
Passing close to Southend Pier – but sadly not quite close enough for icecream on a hot afternoon
John checking all is well aloft
A beautiful sunset
Finally after more than 10 years, a proper clove hitch!
A cormorant diving
The QE2 Bridge comes into view as we head up the Thames
The Thames Barrier – always fun to hear the radio chatter of boats requesting permission to pass through
Heading further up river, we pass under the Emirates Airline cable car
And the familiar sight of the O2
And as we reach the end of our voyage, the unmistakable shape of Tower Bridge
Reluctantly leaving as I have a train to catch (and only made it by seconds!)
Farewell for now – but we’ll be back!

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