England Coast Path (Cumbria) – Whitehaven to St Bees

Included on The Times‘ list of best coastal walks are two in Cumbria – one is a visit to Hodbarrow Point near Millom, where I’d been in 2008 (and must revisit on a better day). The second is the walk from Whitehaven to St Bees.

As it was forecast to be a slightly showery day with low cloud and quite breezy, a low level walk was in order, and this seemed a good objective; as I’d previously walked south along the coast from Harrington to Whitehaven, it linked up nicely too.

I parked the car on the sea front car park at St Bees, and after a battle with the ticket machine, Brindley and I walked to the railway station to catch the 0900 north to Whitehaven.

This sculpture by Alan Clark is called Whiting Shoal
Sculpture of spiking the guns by Captain John Paul Jones and Midshipman Joe Green of the USA as part of their raid on Whitehaven in 1778.
Turning away from Whitehaven harbour
The Candlestick is the colloquial name for the disused ventilation chimney of Wellington Pit: it was built in 1850 by Sydney Smirke.
The rest of the walk was wild cliff walking – almost like being on the South West Coast Path
Here we joined the route of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk. There were a good few walkers setting off.
The lighthouse at St Bees Head
The sandstones are a key feature of the walk, dating from about 250 million years ago,
Heading steeply down to cross a stream before climbing back up again
Arriving at St Bees. Time for some lunch.
The start (or end for the unconventional) of the Coast to Coast Walk.

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