Northumberland weekend

The weekend started with me running parkrun at Druridge Bay, comprising two very attractive laps of Ladyburn Lake. It’s the most northerly parkrun in England and my first in the north-east. It was also my first parkrun wearing a hat as it was bitterly cold, with lots of ice on the ground – we were lucky that they are hardy folk up here as down south I suspect it would have been cancelled as too risky.
The rest of the day was a visit to Holy Island. I’d been when a child but remembered nothing of it, and Lucy hadn’t been at all. The island is linked to the mainland by a tidal causeway, scene of many strandings as motorists ignore the warnings and push on through the water they expect to be shallow only to find it isn’t.
Looking across to Holy Island in the centre of the picture.
The line of wooden posts suggests a route across for pedestrians
From the island, looking back along the line of wooden posts to the mainland.
We started our exploration with a walk along a public footpath on the west of the island, but it wasn’t easy going in places
Lucy makes her way cautiously along the beach
Lindisfarne Priory was founded around 634, and the church built around 1150.
A chilly Lucy on a bitterly cold day
Looking back at the remains of the priory from the east
Ahead is Lindisfarne Castle, wrapped in scaffolding for extensive repairs. We didn’t go any closer than this, but one day we should return when the castle is restored to its glory and the weather is warmer.
Next day, Lucy and the dogs are at a rally trial; I stayed behind at our cottage near Acklington for a little while, then set out to walk to the rally trial, initially through Station Wood
…then joining St Oswald’s Way down to the River Coquet
…along the river
Felton Old Bridge from Felton New Bridge – sources differ as to whether the older bridge dates from the 13th or 15th century, which is quite indecisive, but it’s a fine structure. From here I walked up the hill and made a cautious crossing of the A1 to reach the rally trial near West Moor. A pleasant little walk in new territory.

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