Hadrian’s Wall

After coming 8th in this morning’s Millom parkrun (very muddy – people lost shoes), a marvellous walk along Hadrian’s Wall this afternoon, from the car park near ditch turret 39B to Housesteads and back. I’d been to Housesteads as a young child, but didn’t remember it, and I don’t think I’ve been back since – certainly not to walk any of it, so this was a new experience.

Milecastle 39
Milecastle 37
Arriving at Housesteads. Although almost all of the Wall and the milecastles and turrets are free to wander along and around, to pay for the installation of the fences keeping me out here, it would cost me £9 to get in, so I admired the site from the outside, and returned along the free Wall the way I’d come. I’ll come back one day when the weather is a bit warmer and I might get good value out of my £9, but today I would have had a brief wander round and most definitely it would have felt like over-charging for access to a bit of open countryside.

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