Hartland Quay – the start of a South West Coast Path walk

My walk on the South West Coast Path in April 2012 concluded at Hartland Quay on a very wet day. My photos of that day were fortunately uploaded, but the next morning I took photos of the delightful location of Hartland Quay before I returned to Suffolk, but my bag was stolen on the train and the photos lost with it.

So today I returned to Hartland Quay to pick up the walk along the South West Coast Path, but also to replace those lost photos. Fortunately it was a lovely evening, and I was able to capture something of the essence of the place.

Late afternoon and some swimming is taking place, along with a lot more watching. The harbour wall used to be much more substantial but this short version has been rebuilt after the original was destroyed.
From the end of the peninsula, a look at Hartland Quay Hotel, my resting place for the night. I had a lovely view of the sea from my room.
The August sun close to setting over the fairly quiet sea
Whoops – not so quiet after all. This slightly blurry picture was taken as I hurriedly retreated to avoid getting drenched. You can see the sun through the water, and remarkably this picture was taken only 69 seconds after the previous one, from the same location.
From a slightly safer location, a view a few minutes later of where I had been standing for the previous two photos – about where the boy in the striped top is standing.

And so I retired to the bar for a pleasant meal, drink and a book, and then to my room to prepare for the hard work of the walk. Onwards along the South West Coast Path…

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