Staffordshire holiday

As Covid-19 lockdown measures eased, we booked ourselves a little holiday, a long weekend in Staffordshire at Froghall Wharf at the end of the Caldon Canal, near the southern edge of the Peak District.

Lucy and the dogs at home in our lovely cottage
Out for an exploratory stroll, this is Froghall Tunnel. We’ve walked over the top, but when we were here in a boat, the tunnel was too low for our boat (as it is for most boats).
On the far side of the tunnel
Hetty at Hetty’s tea room
I think we frequented Hetty’s, for one reason or another, every day. Social distancing meant it was a bit slow, but some nice food.
The first lock of the Uttoxeter Canal, from the driveway of the cottages
Out for a walk along the Manifold Way from Waterhouses
The far point of today’s walk, ready to turn around.
Further up the Caldon Canal is Consallforge, an interesting place to get to by car.
Despite Lucy having checked beforehand that they were open and doing food, that turned out to be a ham roll.
A shame as it would have been a good spot for dinner, but we went elsewhere.
Brindley during a run along the Manifold Way
Hazlehurst Aqueduct, where the Leek Branch of the Caldon Canal crosses over the main line
Lucy and dogs at the junction bridge
The Leek Branch heads to the right, the main line descends through three locks to go under the aqueduct
Hetty’s tea room at Froghall Wharf
The route of one of the inclined tramways that brought limestone down to the wharf
At the top of one of the tramways
From the very, very end of the Caldon Canal
Lime kilns where the limestone was cooked
The basin below the first lock on the Uttoxeter Canal. For the moment, this is as far as the canal goes, but the enthusiasts hope one day to restore the canal to a new terminus at Uttoxeter – though it’s more akin to building a brand new canal than restoration.
The row of holiday cottages
From the north end of the Manifold Way, the six of us walked south for a while, before Lucy and the cavaliers turned back to the car, while Brindley and I ran on.
Brindley in running harness getting ready for action
Crossing the river while it has water in it.
Crossing one of the many bridges along the old railway line
Here the railway dived into a tunnel which is where we’re about to go. The route is shared with a minor road for a while, but there were no cars out
Running along the road that now sits on the route of the old railway
The river, now with no water
A cave high above the river as we continue south to our arranged meeting spot with Lucy and the other dogs, meaning that Brindley and Stephen had completed the Manifold Way over this long weekend, either walking or running.
Another walk along the Caldon Canal, complete with mileposts to Uttoxeter – maybe one day!
On Lucy’s birthday, we booked the barbecue shelter at the cottages for a little meal, keeping the dogs under control – we had a crate for them when we were eating.

And so ended a delightful little holiday. We were fortunate with the weather, so that when we ate out, we were able to do so outside. It would be good to be able to go when Covid-19 isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and when places are reliably open, but in the meantime it was just great to get away and have a delightful change of scene.

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