England Coast Path (Norfolk): Sea Palling to Bacton Green

The England Coast Path is a grand project to create a footpath (or at least right of way) around the whole coast of England, coupled with access rights to beaches and other land seaward of the route, with the right of way being moved inland to cope with coastal erosion. A section in Norfolk from Sea Palling to Cromer has recently opened, and I decided it would be a good time to go and take advantage of my new rights.

West of Sea Palling, the route is along the beach, but the tide makes that tricky at certain times of the day.
I retreated to the dune tops for a change of perspective
Back on the beach for a while. The kite-surfer is enjoying the very breezy conditions.
Looking ahead to the lighthouse and church tower at Happisburgh
George and Lottie enjoying the beach
The route then takes to the (rapidly eroding) cliff tops
The caravan park at Happisburgh has retreated several times from the sea, but it looks as though more homes are in imminent danger
At Walcott, a more solid sea wall is holding back the sea and erosion, for now
The remainder of the walk was on the concrete sea wall past Keswick and Bacton, finishing at Bacton Green.

A pleasant breezy walk, and good to be taking advantage of my new freedoms to walk the coast here.

Total distance 12.0 km in 2 hours 59 mins

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