Holyhead Mountain

The name of this eminence is slightly misleading: it is the highest point on Holy Island, Anglesey, but tops out at just 220 metres. However, because so much of Anglesey is so low-lying, the views are extensive and it is interesting underfoot. We had a long weekend staying in a cottage on the island, and while Lucy did dog things, I did this walk, a parkrun, and a long walk in Snowdonia.

In the distance, Snowdonia and the Lleyn peninsula
The lighthouse on South Stack
Heading north towards the summit. There was a range of paths available, which creates plenty of options but also the potential for confusion
The bay round to North Stack
Approaching the summit
Holy Island, Anglesey and Snowdonia, from the summit of Holyhead Mountain. In the other direction, clear to the eye but not the camera, was Ireland.

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