White water rafting

Back in 2002, Lucy and I went white water rafting in North Wales, and it was great fun, and something I in particular had wanted to do again. So today we paid a visit to the Lee Valley White Water Rafting Centre, built as part of the London 2012 Olympics facilities, on land that I used to visit on foot or bike when we lived in north London. It’s a shame in a way to see the green fringes being nibbled away with development, but what has been built is really excellent.

Safety training beforehand included jumping into the white water, and then clambering out. The water was swirling round, and I missed the exit the first time, but it took me back a second time to climb out.
The eight of us in our raft – Lucy, me and six strangers. When we moved round to the white water course itself, we had an expert guide at the back as the ninth member of the crew.
Two runs down the course, the first with me at the front and Lucy behind, the second with Lucy and the front and me at in the fourth row.

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